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Our business is the development, the production and the marketing of a cleaning product range sold under the name Bacoclean. We assure the marketing to the end consumer on the local market ourselves, but we offer also our cleaning product with a customized packaging and labelling to our reseller. We produce cleaning products for car caring for the complete vehicle fleet; if automobile, delivery van or truck. The industrial cleaning is however not disregarded; we offer a wide product range of special detergents, floor cleaning, hand cleaner, machine

degreaser and several acid cleaners. Do not hesitate to communicate your exigencies to us; we have the right solution for you !

Our main cleaning product, and since some years now; is our universal cleaner Bacoclean Tfr. This high concentrated detergent is mainly used for car caring, if with car-wash or by hand cleaning. Because it is a very efficient degreaser, it is also used as industrial detergent. Recently we improved the formulation; this cleaning product is now more effective than ever. Don’t hesitate to discover more…

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