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Cleaning products for car wash

Cleaning a vehicle is not as easy as it seams because the expectations in cleanness are very high. To carry out this task, most of the time some important means like automatic brushes and high pressure cleaner are used; unfortunately the wanted result is not always reached…

Having found out that a cleaning agent with acceptable quality at a low price did not exist, we have decided to develop our own range of universal products sold under the brand name Bacoclean.

A vehicle consist of a lot of different parts like bodywork, windows, tarpaulins, rims but also some mechanics, which build the user up to employ a specific detergent at each time. In offering some universals products, we are different from our competitors. Our detergents clean a window without leaving some trails but remove also grease from mechanical parts, all this for an unbeatable price

These products, with a unique formulation can be used for manual or automatic cleaning of trucks, vans, and cars.

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Cleaning products for truck wash

Bacoclean TFR: cleaning agent conceived for the most difficult tasks that can also be used with a high pressure cleaner. With this product, you are always guaranteed to get the best result with hot and cold water.

Bacoclean Eco: universal cleaning agent at the lowest price. You can use this product with your high pressure cleaner.